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My name is Liesa Marie Williams, I am an Author and I specialize in couples who have dedicated themselves to each other for life. I am in the process of becoming a Certified Life Coach, but my greatest credential is my personal journey and experience as a wife. I have been married to my wonderful husband Derek for twenty seven years, and it wasn't always easy, but it was and continues to be one of my greatest success stories. Success because we continually strive to perfect our relationship with a mixture of positive communication, trust, understanding, forgiveness, honesty, love, etc. and baked with Stick-to-itiveness. Through my book Seeking the "Just Right" Relationship I wanted to inspire couples to work through their relationship in a positive, effective and productive way. You can truly understand your life partner and maintain that desirable, initial, warm all over, can conquer the world, and can get through anything LOVE!! I am very excited for you and I believe my book will be an inspiration to you both throughout your courtship and marriage!!
Congratulations on your New or Exciting, Blissful Journey.
The Future of Your Relationship
As individuals, from the Newlywed to the seasoned Married couple, you will enter or have entered your marriage/relationship from two different environments. Some of your morals and values may be the same, but how you interpret certain standards of living may not be. As a result your views; like raising children, (or maybe you don’t want any children), who should pay the bills and how they should be paid, do you like to talk things out or wait until the smoke settles, are you quick to lash out or take your time speaking, how you resolve conflict and how you observe men and women can all be viewed very differently. So here you are, two different individuals with two different personalities with possibly two sets of views now expected to live as one and to handle life’s situations as one.
My book is a tool to help you with gaining the knowledge you need for a successful relationship. The questions laid out in my book will help you gain understanding of your partner's past which will help you understand their present and ultimately gain a better understanding of your future together.  
Be Inspired
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Perfect Wedding Guide
Your Journey Starts Here: 
Seeking the "Just Right" Relationship is a Questionnaire Book to help you be a SuperiorYou! This is an amazing tool for you to utilize to be better for yourself and better in your relationship. It is a guide that will help you Effectively understand yourself and your mate for life. As you work through the questions outlined in my book, you will begin to learn a great deal about yourself; what your wants, needs and desires are and through this process you will also learn a great deal about your mate. Take the guess work out of your relationship....Ladies ever wonder what your mate is really thinking and Guys ever wonder why she is really upset? Well you don't have to guess anymore, Seeking the "Just Right" Relationship is all about you learning, understanding, and growing with your mate!!!
Even something so little as dialect can cause issues in your relationship. It took me time to understand when my husband would say I am so done with this, he wasn't actually talking about me/us but rather he was referring to the situation. Culture, Religion, Morals all determine who we are and how we handle situations and may be very different from the way your mate internalizes and handles their life situations. 
Be fully prepared in knowing exactly who you are, who your mate is and what you are looking for in a fulfilling (satisfying, rewarding) healthy (strong, hearty, spirited), productive (creative, fruitful, helpful) & lifelong (enduring, everlasting, permanent) relationship.
Please enjoy this Mini Questionnaire
For those who are dating/engaged/married:
Do you know his/her favorite color?
What one thing do you absolutely adore about your mate?
What one thing do you absolutely dislike about your mate?
Do you know his/her favorite childhood memory?
Do you know his/her not favorite childhood memory?
Do you feel that your mate truly knows everything about you that is needed for the success of your relationship?
Is your mate romantic? Would you like them to be?
Do you like surprises?
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?
What makes you smile?
How  does your Mom treat your Dad?
How does your Dad treat your Mom?
Do you save money or spend it as soon as you get it?
How many children do you want?
Do you like your future in-laws? 
I hope you were motivated in taking part in this mini questionnaire and I believe completing "Seeking the "Just Right" Relationship" in its entirety will be inspiring and enlightening in the success of your relationship/marriage for life!!

I am so excited to let you all know that my book Seeking the “Just Right” Relationship is available for purchase on my publisher’s website @ www.xulonpress.com. I am working on getting my book in your local bookstores but at this time Seeking the "Just Right" Relationship is also available for purchase via  www.barnesandnoble.com and www.amazon.comwww.ingrambooks.com , www.nascorp.com , and Espresso Book Machine (www.ondemandbooks.com), using my book title Seeking the Just Right Relationship or the ISBN # 9781619042650. It is also available in bulk at Arbor Book Distributors or Ingram Book Co. International Distribution is also available at Baker and Taylor International (www.btol.com). Books are fully returnable.
I have begun the process of marketing for my book by sending out information packets to churches, bookstores, well know celebrities and to the media (news and T.V.). I was very excited to be in Orlando, Florida the week of July 15, 2012 attending the International Christian Retailers Show where my book was being show cased at my Publisher’s table (Xulon Press). There were over 5,000 in attendance and over 1800 Retailers there. My Hubby, Derek, Sr., was with me as we promoted Seeking the “Just Right” Relationship. I continue to thank God for people that have and will in the future purchase by book as they visualize the blessing that Seeking the “Just Right’ Relationship will be to them in their present and/or future relationships. 

I have been showcased in the Christian Book Browser, a Source for New Christian Books.
I feel humbled, blessed and thankful to God for where my journey has brought me today as a better Wife, Mom, Daughter, Family Member and Friend!!! I am also thankful to God for using me to be a blessing to others in their journey through this book!!
I appreciate, love and I am so very thankful for every one of you in my life!!! Thank you for your support, your love and for your words of encouragement!!!!
God Bless you all, much love Liesa Marie
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about my passion, my inspiration, my book Seeking the “Just Right” Relationship. My hope is that you will find the inspiration in my book or someone you know as I did in living and writing it. I am so excited about what the future holds for me as the Author of this Teaching Tool and for the knowledge and positive communication, I believe, every individual will gain by participating in Seeking the “Just Right” Relationship!
Please, please feel free to contact me with any questions or to just say hi.
I very much look forward to hearing from you, God Bless.
Liesa Marie Williams
Author of Seeking the “Just Right” Relationship
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The Red Tulip means "Perfect Love"
 "Believe Me" and is a "Declaration of Love".
The Tulip is always "Just Right"!!
Red Tulip

Where we Met- YA Club in New Bedford MA
Where we Met- YA Club in New Bedford MA
Thursday, May 14th, 1987- The Inspiring day we met and our lives were forever changed!!!
Our Wedding Day
August 15th, 1987- The Amazing Day we became one!!!
Our Wedding Day
Derek & Liesa
Derek & Liesa
August 2010
Derek, Sr. & Liesa Marie
My Dad's 70th BD Party, New Bedford, MA- January 27th, 2013
Derek, Sr. & Liesa Marie

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A collage of us! Family

A collage of our family!
A collage of our grandbabies Family
A Questionnaire Book to help You Do You! Learn How to be Successful in Your Relationships!!!
My Inspirational New Book helps Individuals Thrive in their Relationship!
Seeking the Just Right Relationship Book Cover Aug 2, 2013
My book has been published by Xulon Press. 
Price: $12.99
ISBN # 978-1-61904-265-0 
Instructions for purchasing my book @ www.xulonpress.com
At the home page on the top right next to the Christian Bookstore logo in the search box type in my name Liesa Williams, then in the box to the right click on the drop down arrow and go to Author Name, you can also do this step with my Book Title (Seeking the Just Right Relationship) or by my ISBN # (9781619042650), then click the GO button.You will then see my book cover, click on it and then click on the Buy Now button (on the right) and follow the instructions! 
To purchase in bulk go to Spring Arbor Book Distribution or Ingram Book Company. International Distribution is available at Baker and Taylor International. 
Books are Fully Refundable.

God Bless you all and thank you for visiting my website and for your continued support!! 
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